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We offer the best quality DTF Transfers

DTF prints are vibrant, have long lasting color, and are extremely durable. DTF can be used on multiple materials such as cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, denim, leather and more. Our DTF prints are great for first time users all the way to high volume print shops. Time is precious and that is why all of our DTF prints, are Hot Peel!

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With 26 Embroidery heads No Job is to Small or to Big!

We utilize state-of-the-art embroidery machines, offering 26 embroidery heads to ensure flawless creations, durability, and expedited production. Range Promotions translates your ideas and artwork into custom embroidery. 

Screen Printing

Are you looking for top-quality screen printing services that will bring your ideas to life? Look no further! At Range Promotions, we take pride in delivering exceptional results for all your promotional needs.


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Jan 19th, 2024

Embroidery Excellence: How Range Promotions Elevates Your Brand's Apparel Game!

Elevate your brand’s apparel with flawless embroidery using 26 heads for durability and expedited production.

Feb 5th, 2024

Mastering Screen Printing: Transforming Ideas into Wearable Art with Range Promotions!

Discover top-quality screen printing at Range Promotions, where your ideas transform into wearable masterpieces.

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